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Get The Behavior You Want From Your Child

Tired of arguing with your children?  Exasperated that they never listen? Confused by conflicting advice from experts?  Feeling uncertain about what to do?

This two-DVD, four-hour series describes the dynamics between you and your children that produce the repeated problems that frustrate you. In a relaxed and humorous manner, Dennis works with a group of parents, presenting common-sense and uncomplicated concepts along with easy-to-use skills that result in improved compliance and less emotional upset.

The Importance of Compliance The Nature of Punishment
The Nature of Problems The Two Types of Negative Behavior
The Focus on Behavior Three Effective Punishments
Why Kids Do What They Do Dealing with Public Misbehavior
Effective Directives Solutions for Arguing and Lying
Acknowledgment Putting It All Together
Myths of Self-Esteem  

Available now. Price: $29.99 plus $6.95 shipping and handling for both DVD's (set of two). Order your copy by phone, e-mail, fax or online below.

Discipline On Wheels - Behavior Management for Bus Drivers

School bus drivers have behavior management challenges unlike anyone else. They are expected to maneuver a 10-ton, 38-foot bus through traffic and manage large groups of children, all while having their backs to them. Generally, they are expected to do this with little or no training.

This DVD provides that training. In clear, straightforward language, Dennis Bumgarner, M.S.W., leads a group of drivers through the concepts and skills that promote good behavior on the bus. He explains what typically happens when there are discipline problems, what drivers can do to prevent those problems, and how they can effectively and decisively intervene when problems arise. The elements of effective discipline and the skills to establish and maintain that discipline are presented, enabling drivers to better play their essential roles as members of the educational team.

Available now. Price: $49.99 plus $4.95 shipping and handling. Order your copy by phone, e-mail, fax or online below.



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