Distance Coaching

While my office is in Placitas, New Mexico, you can avail yourself of coaching or consultation services even if you don't live nearby.

You may have concerns about the behavior of a child or the mood swings or academic failings of a teenager. You may wish to improve your effectiveness in your career, reduce anxiety in public situations, or enhance your athletic performance. Or you may simply want to resolve your ambivalence and make a crucial decision, or receive consultation as you contemplate a significant life change. Whatever your concern, coaching can be of great assistance in the process, and it can be done at a distance.

My distance coaching is done either over the telephone or via Skype. My preference is Skype because that technology allows electronic face-to-face contact, but I will use whatever format works best for you. And we will meet for as many or few sessions as you decide.

Check out distance coaching by calling me at 317.271.8700 or emailing at info@behavior-coach.com.


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